“We Can & Will Change the World for the Better”


My name is Alphonse and I used to take great pride in my tag line “Helping People Acquire what they Desire”, but now my focus has changed to me “Being” my Optimum Self. While on this journey I realized that “wholesaling” real estate for the past 20 years on and off (2006-2012 ooh the pain) was not coming anywhere close to my true potential on how I can impact my community and the World. Starting in May of 2018 I’m dedicated to the following (3) areas:

  • Living a Sustainable Lifestyle and sharing what I’ve learned
  • Expanding Sustainable Housing options Worldwide
  • Assisting in Funding and Expanding Organic Food Options Worldwide

If you have a business or ideas in the Sustainable Living and Organic Food Producing arenas, please feel free to contact me (Alphonse@acquisitionist.com) to see how we can Co-Create a New Sustainable World. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

Alphonse “The Acquisitionist”