“The Art of helping People Acquire what they Desire”

Taking in Dubai
Taking in Dubai

Hello my name is Alphonse and for the majority of my adult life I’ve Helped People Acquire what they Desire, whether that was working for my father or helping people get Quick Cash for their Real Estate. This has been great for them and I felt some satisfaction, but I found myself feeling as thou I was playing “too small”. A few years ago I took some time to reflect on what I desire and discovered I’m for helping the millions of Creators as opposed to the billions of Consumers of the world. My path is as follows:

  • Helping People Discover & Create their Desired Lifestyle
  • Living the Global Mogul Lifestyle
  • Creating thought provoking Media that challenges the beliefs that keep people in mental & spiritual bondage
  • Creating International Incubators to Help the Next Generation of Change Agents (HOHT Spots)
  • Developing H-Pods inspired by Aloft Hotels which includes Organic Pyramid Farms

To New Beginnings!

Alphonse “The Acquisitionist”

“Dare to Be what’s in your Heart, God put it there for a Reason”