“Acquisitionist’s Buddy uncovers New York Real Estate Goldmine”

New York is a Goldmine for Real Estate Agents

I’m really excited to have my buddy Reggie let me in on a little software program he created that reveals 10’s of 1000’s of renters in New York who’s leases are coming up in the next 30-120 days. Once he showed me the list and it was verified by an Agent he knew after giving him a small sample, I told him what are we waiting for because this will help a ton agents and give us the resources to provide the very best care for our parents. Several years ago Reggie had to leave his job in New York and go back home to take care of his Mother who has Alzheimer’s. Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself! I’m Alphonse known as the Acquisitionist and I’ve helped people get Quick Cash for their real estate in the Atlanta area since 1997 on and off (2007-2012 was a bitch).¬†Thou I’m still assisting people who have estate property they wish to sell fast,¬†I could not pass up this opportunity that I feel can change how the New York rental game is played. If you’re a New York Agent or Broker you can go to

New York Renters List

to get started immediately. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration!